The Smart Care History 

Before there was Smart Care, there was Brush Buddies – designed to make brushing fun.

Riding on Brush Buddies’ success, Smart Care set out on a mission to create a line of personal care products for everyone – babies to seniors. Combining that signature fun with a whole lot of value, a dash of innovation, and baked in a commitment to the highest quality, Smart Care was born. Our deep care for our customers means having the best products available to them, whenever and wherever they’re needed most.

Now, __ years later, thank you for making us the brand America trusts. We are proud to be your go-to for hand sanitizer, soaps, and paper products.

The Smart Care Promise 

Smart Care is small, nimble, and efficient. When other hand sanitizers were sold out across the country, Smart Care stepped up and came through when you needed us the most. 

You can find us in homes, in cars, in purses, in gyms, in offices, in hotels, in restaurants, in stores, and online. Smart Care is everywhere you need us to be. You counted on us and we delivered. 

The Smart Care Difference

During the pandemic, companies were scrambling to fill the demand of hand sanitizers by cutting corners and removing key ingredients like aloe.

Smart Care focused on getting the formulation of ingredients just right so our hand sanitizers not only kills most germs, but also counteracts the drying effects of the active ingredients. The result is a line of hand sanitizers that works while leaving your hands smooth, soft and hydrated. 

You can go about your day worry-free knowing there’s no methanol in our hand sanitizers and each batch is tested before being shipped out. 

We care about your skin

Skin is the largest organ so it’s important to take great care of it. From soaps and hand sanitizers to sunscreen and bandages, we’ve got your skin covered.

We care about your family

From the wee-ist little humans to the eldest elders, our products are made with your loved ones in mind. Your family is truly at the heart of our business.

We care about cleanliness

In a world where cleanliness has become everyone’s priority, we are here for you. Rest assured your skin is in good hands with our line of products.

We care about innovation

We worked to find the perfect formulation of vitamin E and aloe vera in our hand sanitizers so your hands would be left soft, smooth and ick-free. We innovate so you can luxuriate.