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Fisher Price - My First Start Kit


My First Starter Kit for 0M+

The Starter Kit includes:

  1. Finger Toothbrush
  2. Travel Case for Finger Toothbrush
  3. Toddler Toothbrush with Teething Ring
  4. Lil' Ones Toothbrush

Finger toothbrush & Travel Kit

  • The soft and silicone finger toothbrush is small & hypoallergenic, soothing gums with soft massaging bristles while cleaning your baby's mouth. Non Toxic and Non-Porous.
  • Keep your Finger toothbrush clean in a convenient case.

Toddler Toothbrush with Teething Ring

  • Ultra-Soft bristles are specially designed for children's first teeth.
  • Uniquely-designed handle also prevents choking
  • Ergonomic handle provides a good grip for both babies and parents
  • The rubber handle acts as a teether and gum massager

Lil' Ones Toothbrush 

  • Soft rounded bristles are gentle on toddler's gums
  • Small brush head designed for toddlers' mouths and new teeth.
  • Rubber handle makes the toothbrush easy for adults or toddlers to hold.



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